The charity foundation “Chance 4 Life"

Vlad Kopach

3 years, Ukraine

It all started with false poisoning, from which the baby was treated for 2 weeks in 3 different hospitals. Doctors took all sorts of tests. Meanwhile the child stopped walking and began to refuse to eat. And on February 5, while eating, Vladislav began to convulse. The ambulance arrived and took the child to the intensive care unit. At 8 am, Vladislav's mother was told that the boy had fallen into a coma.

An MRI scan revealed a formation in the brain and left-side hydrocephalus. On the same day, the first urgent operation was performed to install the shunt. The child regained consciousness a few days later, but Ukrainian doctors could not cut out the tumor, as it is located in a very difficult place. The family decided to send the documents to Israel, where there are protocols for treating such tumors.

In Vlad's case, the treatment Protocol includes 4 blocks of chemotherapy. After that, depending on the treatment response, further steps will be taken. At the moment, half of the fist stage (2 blocks of chemistry) is over, and in mid-may the family will start a new battle - the third block of high-dose chemotherapy.

Vladislav is a real hero and, despite the difficult treatment, he is interested in studying the world around him, people and stoically endures all medical manipulations.

The charity foundation “Chance 4 Life"
(registration number 580617918), has existed in Israel for more than 5 years.
The main mission of the foundation is to support children with onco- and hematological diseases who came from the former CIS countries for treatment.
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