The charity foundation “Chance 4 Life"

Sasha Khoroshevsky

12 years, Ukraine, Sarcoma

In December 2017, Sasha's foot began to hurt and tests showed a terrible diagnosis - Ewing sarcoma. In Ukraine doctors gave low chances of recovery so the family had to seek help abroad. Israeli hospital Tel-Aviv Sourasky (Ichilov) has agreed to treat Sasha.

Since January 2018, the child was treated in Israel. He went through 6 courses of chemotherapy according to the COG protocol, 2 operations to remove the bone and replace it with an implant. Two further years the boy was regularly examined by Israeli doctors.

In December 2020, at scheduled check, a CT scan of the chest showed a new formation in the lungs. Doctors decided to perform an urgent operation to remove the formation and the materials were sent for histology that confirmed a relapse of sarcoma.

The operation was successful and the tumor was detected at an early stage and completely removed. Sasha has every chance to achieve a full recovery after a chemo treatment.

The charity foundation “Chance 4 Life"
(registration number 580617918), has existed in Israel for more than 5 years.
The main mission of the foundation is to support children with onco- and hematological diseases who came from the former CIS countries for treatment.
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