The charity foundation “Chance 4 Life"

Ivan Evchuk

16 years, Ukraine, B-cell lymphoma (lymphoma Bernita)
van was born with a congenital malformation of the urinary system, which leads to the rapid removal of calcium from the body and deformation of legs.
In 2016, Vanya was already fighting for life and won: a kidney transplant was performed. The boy started a full life, hemodialysis and hospitals were left behind.

But in 2019, a new battle began. Vanya started to feel sick and had frequent headaches. The MRI showed multiple space-occupying tumors of the brain.
Tthe doctors assumed encephalitis and started treatment that did not help. The boy's condition did not improve. Within 3 months Vanya’s parents took consultations in 7 medical centers in Kiev.

In February 2019 the child was transferred to the diagnostic Department of the hospital “Ohmadet”, where neurosurgical trepanation was performed.
The resulting biopsy revealed b-large cell lymphoma (Berkit's lymphoma).
Ivan began to receive chemotherapy, which resulted in rejection of the transplant.
The charity foundation “Chance 4 Life"
(registration number 580617918), has existed in Israel for more than 5 years.
The main mission of the foundation is to support children with onco- and hematological diseases who came from the former CIS countries for treatment.
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