The charity foundation “Chance 4 Life"

Daniil Karpov

13 YEARS OLD, russia, Ewing's sarcoma of the left femur

Our hero struggled for almost a year and went into remission, then there was a relapse, but the boy also overcame it!

During the treatment at home, Daniil was twice operated for a complete hip replacement, and both times unsuccessfully.

Now Israeli doctors are looking for the best way to solve the consequences so that the boy can keep his leg and move.

At home, Daniil studies programming. He really wants to become a cool specialist and is fond of computer games. We believe that the little winner will go through all the difficulties and realize his dreams! And while he is here, we will support him.

The charity foundation «Chance 4 Life»
(registration number 580617918), has existed in Israel for more than 5 years.
The main mission of the foundation is to support children with onco- and hematological diseases who came from the former CIS countries for treatment.
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