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The charity foundation "Chance for Life" detailed financial report for May, 2021.

100 000₪ was transferred to the Ichilov hospital for Angelina Cherny treatment.

"Basket of medicines"
The families were provided with medicines in the amount of 31817.64₪.
Purchased medicines: 10699.01₪.
The total amount is 42516.65₪

"Basket of Kindness"
7 Baskets with food products were collected.
850₪ were spent on food

The "Basket of Courage"
788.60₪ spent on toys and gifts

Organizational expenses
410.95₪ spent on organizational expenses
1210.71₪ spent on a taxi.
Thanks to our volunteer drivers, 24 times families could get to the hospital and return home safely.

Thank you for your help and participation in the life of children!
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