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Sofia Algash

Diagnosis: Hereditary amegakaryocytic thrombocytopenia

Home: Ukraine, Yampole

Age: 6 years

Sofia is already 6 years old, and during her life this gentle girl has repeatedly shown herself to be a real fighter who is able to overcome any obstacles on the way to her goal.

Almost immediately after birth, the girl was found to have low platelets in her blood. The child was sent to pathology, where they performed a range of tests, ultrasound, platelet transfusions, IVS and found bilateral lung inflammation. Sofa was given a blood transfusion, immunoglobulin, and prednisone.

Everything is back to normal.

However, after 2 months, Sofa was again taken to the regional hospital, where the child was re-prescribed immunoglobulin, dicinone, prednisone, but, unfortunately, such therapy did not give a quick positive effect. Similar hospitalizations were repeated 3 more times — relief of symptoms and discharge.

The baby's doctor recommended raising her immune system, as the immunogram was bad. Otherwise, it was necessary to cut out the spleen at 5 years.

On the fourth time, the family went to Okhmatdet without a direction (it was not given). Again, the same tests, the same treatment. At the end of treatment, the tests returned to normal except for parvoviruses, but after an infusion of platelets, all the tests leveled off and the family was sent home with a recommendation to follow a diet, take vitamins and, if necessary, antiviral drugs.

For the next 4 years, Sopa had no health problems, and she grew up to be a completely healthy, active and curious girl.

But in one day, all the tests fell on the Sofa, not only platelets, but all at once, then there was an emergency resuscitation, the doctors made different diagnoses. On the recommendation of doctors, a saliva analysis was passed and sent to America, thanks to which for the first time in 6 years, the main diagnosis was made — amegakaryocytic thrombocytopenia, in which only a bone marrow transplant from a donor can save it. In Ukraine, a transplant is performed only from a related donor, and the parents, unfortunately, did not fit. The only chance to save Sofia's life is a bone marrow transplant from a donor abroad.

Most of her life, Sopa struggles for life, she did not go to kindergarten, her childhood was special, but, despite all the hardships, The girl loves people, opens up, is happy to communicate with peers, and the child's love of life is worth learning.

Doctors are doing everything possible to return the child to a normal childhood, and we believe that the Sofa will succeed.

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