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Arina Chebotareva

Diagnosis: Wilms tumor

Home: Russia, Saratov

Age: 2 years

Arina grew up a healthy girl, but the day before her second birthday, the child's right side became ill. The next day after the holiday, the family took Arina to an ultrasound, where the doctor noticed a neoplasm in the right kidney. After consultation and repeated ultrasound at the regional children's cancer hospital, the family received a referral to the Blokhin cancer research CENTER in Moscow.

On February 4, a more detailed examination was conducted, which confirmed the diagnosis – a malignant neoplasm in the kidney.

Arina felt worse and worse, and the family decided to go abroad for treatment, as foreign protocols give a more favorable prognosis, and they also use original drugs, not generics.

The family consulted many pediatric oncologists. The answer was one: generics work less effectively, but with more intoxication. A little later, we heard from Prime Minister Mishustin that it is necessary to buy drugs for cancer patients (especially children) abroad, because Russian analogues are not as effective as European drugs.

This is what made me go to save Arina abroad. The clinic in Israel was the first to respond.

On February 11, the first operation, a nephrectomy, was performed. Unfortunately, the operating surgeon reported that the tumor capsule has sprouted outside the renal tissue, and therefore the entire abdominal cavity is inseminated with cancer cells. The edge of the liver was touched (the organ was resected). After the operation, the doctors clearly said that Arina has stage 3 of the disease.

After histology, the diagnosis was made-Wilms ' tumor. The Protocol for treating this type of tumor includes chemo and radiation therapy, but not in the form that doctors previously assumed (to affect the area of the removed kidney and tumor), but on the entire abdominal cavity.

Treatment of the 3rd stage is much more serious, and you need a lot more money. A full treatment lasting 7 months requires approximately $ 124.800. Unfortunately, as with any type of oncologist, it is impossible to calculate the exact amount, since unscheduled hospitalizations often occur, because cancer treatment is toxic and gives many side problems.

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