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Sasha Badretdinov

Diagnosis: Leukemia

Home: Belebey, Russia

Age: 11 years

In November 2019, the child felt unwell: he had a fever and a sore throat. When it was not possible to bring down the temperature on their own, it was decided to call the district pediatrician. After examining the boy, the doctor prescribed pills and a throat spray, the treatment had the opposite effect: Sasha became worse.

The family re-turned to the pediatrician, inspected, issued a direction on hospitalization in infectious Department GBUZ RB Belebeevsky CRB, the child received a diagnosis of SARS with the appointment of a "strong" antibiotics. The examination was performed: ultrasound, x-ray. Ultrasound examination showed a slight increase in the liver and spleen, doctors said that this is possible due to taking drugs. There was no improvement in the condition, and the temperature was still 38.

A couple of days later, Sasha's mother received a call from the Department and asked to come urgently. Sasha's tests were ready, and the doctors diagnosed the boy with acute leukemia, and the child needed emergency hospitalization. Upon arrival, the family was informed that Sasha had to be transferred to intensive care. ⠀

Unfortunately, local chemistry did not give the desired effect, and Moscow hospitals did not give permission for hospitalization, and the family did not receive a referral to regional hospitals. The only way out is treatment abroad.

Now Sasha is being treated in Israel at the Shiba clinic, diagnostics and selection of the optimal treatment Protocol were carried out, in addition to this main treatment, the child needs a bone marrow transplant.

Reason for treatment abroad: lack of access to qualified medical care in Russia with a high percentage of favorable treatment outcomes.

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