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Polina Stokolos

Diagnosis: Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

Home: Kiev, Ukraine

Age: 2 years

It all started with a cough, which the baby was treated for a month, but every day the child got worse, she weakened, lost weight.

Polina had all sorts of tests, all this time, while the family was waiting for the results, the temperature kept 40 and the girl stopped walking.

Two days later, my mother was told the shocking news-Polina has blood cancer. To confirm the terrible diagnosis, they took a bone marrow puncture. The results left no doubt - this is acute lymphoblastic leukemia. At this point, Polina was in critical condition, there was no time for emotions, and the child had to be saved. As a matter of urgency, Polina and her mother flew to Israel, and the resuscitation team escorted them from the plane's ramp to the Ichilov clinic, which agreed to take the child for treatment.

At the moment, Polina is being treated according to the Protocol chosen by doctors.

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