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Albina Imanova

Albina's medical history began with severe pain in her leg. Since the girl is engaged in ballet, at first the pain was written off as a normal injury, but when they realized that the painkillers did not give effect, they urgently took Albina for examination. The preliminary diagnosis was shocking-a suspicion of osteosarcoma.

Even during the inspections, Albina's mother created a help page on Facebook, where she began to share all the news about her beloved daughter's condition. There, Albina's parents published their first appeal to help them save their daughter, because the amount of money they received from famous clinics around the world just knocked the ground out from under their feet.

The family managed to raise money for treatment in Turkey, unfortunately, the Protocol proposed in Turkey did not affect the reduction of osteosarcoma, and the fracture during treatment caused the growth of a tumor in the knee.

The family decided to come to Israel for treatment, where the Ichilov hospital accepted the child, selecting the treatment Protocol.

The reason for treatment abroad: the lack of equipment and medicines in the country that allow you to give a positive prognosis for the child.

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