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Stepa Pekhalsky

Diagnosis: Embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma

Home: Moscow, Russia

Age: 3,5 years

Stepan very rarely got sick, grew calm and smiling child. He started going to kindergarten and, like many children of his age, fell ill with the usual ARI. He was under the supervision of a doctor, but after a month, the nasal congestion did not go away. Stepa's parents went to a private clinic, where the doctor saw a tumor in her throat during a routine examination. Suggested that the boy has adenoids and they urgently need to be removed, the parents received a referral to the clinic.

The hospital said it was a tumor, most likely a polyp. The tumor grew very quickly, Stepan was choking at night, and my mother constantly listened to his breathing and woke him up if it disappeared. This was followed by an operation to remove the "polyp", and samples were taken for biopsy. The results were rechecked several times, and the final diagnosis was embryonic rhabdomyosarcoma, a malignant tumor.

Stepan was urgently transferred to the Oncology Department, where in one week he had to have an MRI, ultrasound and put a subclavian catheter for chemotherapy. Stepa's grandparents took the situation into their own hands. They found an Ichilov clinic in Israel and, while their parents were recovering from the shock, filed documents. I got an invitation from the clinic.

The parents and the baby flew to tel Aviv. The diagnosis was confirmed, and a Protocol was selected for 10 months of treatment, which included 10 courses of chemotherapy, surgery, and 23 courses of radiation therapy, followed by six months of dry and intravenous chemistry.

Hobbies and Hobbies: Stepa loves LEGO hollow (LEGO for kids), as well as garbage trucks, racing,

cars, likes to watch cartoons about microbes.

The reason for treatment abroad: the impossibility of treatment in Russia, the lack of experience of doctors in conducting operations of this type. Using complex chemotherapy protocols and a higher chance of recovery for the baby in Israel.

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