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Stas Dyakin

Diagnosis: Rhabdomyosarcoma

Home: Ternopil, Ukraine

Age: 14 years

In November 2017, Stas entered the Ternopil regional children's hospital for routine surgery. On December 6, 2017, during the operation, the doctor discovered a tumor. The doctors ' Council decided to remove the tumor. The biopsy was sent to Kiev for immunohistochemical analysis in the Csd laboratory. Answer -

inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor. At the reception in Ternopil oncological dispensary, the doctor assumed that the tumor was benign, it was removed, and there is no reason for concern. Another doctor confirmed his words.

5 months later, in may 2018, on their own initiative, the parents brought Stas for a check-up, gave blood for the presence of cancer cells, biochemistry, ultrasound-all tests were normal.

At the end of February 2019, Stas began complaining of pain in the kidney area. According to the results of the tests, a slightly elevated level of white blood cells was detected, and anti-inflammatory drugs were prescribed. However, the pain persisted.

On March 7, 2019, Stas had increased pain in the kidney and side, and was admitted to the hospital with suspected appendicitis. They ruled out appendicitis and sent it to a urologist, who ordered additional tests. While waiting for results, the doctor issued a referral to a gastroenterologist. The doctor appointed an ultrasound, after the result of an ultrasound examination, the child is urgently sent for a CT scan.

According to CT results, 3 tumors and metastases in lymph nodes were found in the retroperitoneal space.

On March 12, 2019, an open biopsy was performed, a full-fledged operation, during which two tumors were removed, the third could not be removed, it was located close to the abdominal aorta. Doctors made 3 different diagnoses.

On March 24, 2019, Stas was sent to Kiev, to the national cancer Institute, all examinations were completed in just 4 days, and histology gave the answer-rhabdomyosarcoma. That is, the tumor that was cut out for the first time was incorrectly diagnosed. A year and two months were lost. Stas remained after the removal of the tumor absolutely without any treatment. As a result, the cancer has developed to stage 3, which is a high-risk group. The doctor said that the chances of survival - 30/70.

March 29, 2019. Stas is sent for hospitalization in the children's Department of the NIR, where he passed

last checks-heart echo, blood.

At the same time, the family contacted the Ichilov clinic (Israel), they are ready to take Stas urgently for diagnosis, Israel gave more favorable treatment forecasts. On March 30, the next day, Stas and his parents flew out for diagnostics.

On March 31, 2019, Stas was admitted to the Hasada clinic (Jerusalem). During the week, PET CT scans were performed, blocks and disks were reviewed, and the diagnosis made in Ukraine was confirmed.

Since April 7, 2019, Stas has been receiving treatment at the Ichilov clinic, tel Aviv, with Dr. Levin, and on April 15, 2019, the first operation in Israel was performed, installing a port system through which chemistry enters a vein near the heart.

On July 15, 2019, the operation took place. Professor Yusipovich operated on Stas and did what Ukrainian doctors could not do: he removed a tumor in the lymph node near the abdominal aorta and all visible metastases. The operation lasted about 5 hours.

On the 2nd day after the operation, my mother and Stas were already doing exercises: developing their legs and breathing.

On the third day Stas went, and after 2 days Stas was discharged home, where it was necessary to put anticoagulants in the stomach-Stas did it on his own.

On September 15, 2019, radiation treatment began, Stas had to undergo 23 sessions in total, and on October 28, 2019, Stas started the last chemotherapy block he was prescribed.

Hobbies: loves cats, dogs (dreams of a pug), historical movies, computer games (historical strategies), Board games (strategies), excursions to historical places, museums, theater, classical music (favorite composers Bach, Beethoven, Bizet, List), interested in playing Golf, would love to learn. Loves Agatha Christie's detectives.

The reason for treatment abroad: the lack of access to qualified medical care with a high percentage of favorable treatment outcome, high-quality laboratory diagnostics, and the lack of quality original drugs.

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