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Sofia Zelenskaya

Diagnosis: Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

Home: Kiev, Ukraine

Age: 4 years

Sofia was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 3.5.

Until the age of 2, the girl grew up absolutely healthy, there were no harbingers of the disease. In 2017, at 2.2, I went to kindergarten, where in the process of getting used to it, I was ill no more often than other children.

And in the early summer of 2018, she began to actively get sick: sinusitis, then immediately stomatitis, followed by an intestinal Salmonella infection in August. She was hospitalized in Kiev in the infectious diseases Department for 3 weeks. At discharge from the hospital, some blood counts were higher than normal-SOY, white blood cells, and hemoglobin were significantly lower.

As a recovery at home, Sofia was prescribed medications to raise the immune system and relieve intoxication due to long-term use of antibiotics. After another 3 weeks all tests

they returned to normal, and the child was discharged to kindergarten.

Since October 2018, Sofia returned to kindergarten, she was again active, cheerful, laughing, jumping, playing, went to the dance, however, the pallor of the skin remained. In November 2018, Sonia became ill with ODS, during the illness she had a cough that did not go away for 2 weeks. The pediatrician, assuming a complication after Salmonella, sent the child for an abdominal ultrasound and to a gastroenterologist. Ultrasound showed that the liver and spleen were 3 times enlarged. The doctor suggested a suspicion of hepatitis, the diagnosis was not confirmed. The gastroenterologist, having studied the entire history, linked Sonya's condition with the transferred Salmonella, prescribed treatment for 2 weeks and sent home to take medications.

A week later, on November 29, 2018, 2 spots similar to burst blood vessels appeared on Sofia's neck. On the 30th, the pediatrician at the reception said that there was no cause for concern. On the evening of December 4, Sofia's grandmother accidentally discovered an enlarged lymph node near her ear (the size of a walnut). On December 1, the pediatrician referred Sofia to a hematologist at the Okhmatdet children's clinic.

On December 6, at a hematologist's appointment, the child was given a preliminary diagnosis of mononucleosis, and Sonya's blood was taken for extended analysis. After 1.5 hours, the baby was finally diagnosed with leukemia (51% of blast cells in the blood).

On December 7, 2018, a bone marrow puncture showed 90% of cancer cells. From 9 to 16 December, the child received the first hormone therapy in the Oncohematology Department of the Okhmatdet hospital.

On December 17, the girl and her parents went straight from the hospital in Kiev to the airport and flew to the Dana-Duk children's hospital of the Suraski medical center in tel Aviv (Ichilov) for treatment.

On the morning of 18.12.18 at 8:30, Sonya was examined by pediatric oncologists. they prescribed the BFM ALL 2000 Protocol with a duration of treatment of 2 years, of which 4 chemotherapy blocks with a duration of 8 months. The procedure includes: chemotherapy, hormone therapy and the introduction of chemotherapy drugs directly into the bone marrow. After 8 months of treatment and entering into remission, supportive chemotherapy in the form of tablets for another 14 months (until December 2020).

On the same day, after the meeting, the child was hospitalized and stayed in the clinic for a month, until 18.01.2019 (without leaving the Department). According to the results of a biopsy after the first month of treatment, the number of cancer cells (blast) decreased to 1%.

Starting from August 4, 2019, Sofia started taking dry chemical tablets according to the Protocol of maintenance therapy. Every week, she needs to take a blood test and be examined by the attending oncologist. Depending on the blood parameters, namely the number of white blood cells, the dose of the drug can be adjusted. Only the treating oncologist can change the dosage after studying the results of a blood test and a General examination. Sofia's already done it once

the drug was corrected due to the growth of white blood cells.

This type of therapy is final, it is aimed at maintaining remission and destroying all cancer cells in the body. During this time, interruptions in taking medications are undesirable.

Hobbies: the baby loves to play, draw, collect puzzles and read books with her mother.

The reason for treatment abroad: the lack of access to qualified medical care with a high percentage of favorable treatment outcome, high-quality laboratory diagnostics, and the lack of high-quality original drugs in Ukraine.

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