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Nazar Mneka

Diagnosis: Burkitt's Lymphoma

Home: Ukraine, Kropyvnytskyi

Age: 5 years

The child, who seemed quite healthy, was found to have blood in his urine at the kindergarten on February 22, 2020, so parents immediately went to the hospital. Tests and ultrasound were made. The next day, they did an MRI in a cancer clinic. According to the results, a very large tumor (68*75*85mm) was found on the boy's left kidney. Clinical diagnosis was left kidney tumor (nephroblastoma)

The disease progressed asymptomatically, so the tumor reached such an impressive size. The child's treatment is to be long and difficult with chemotherapy and required surgical intervention.

Due to the complexity of the case, the parents began to seek salvation abroad. Doctors of the children's medical center of Israel "Schneider", having studied the boy's medical history, were ready to take on treatment and gave a positive prognosis for the child. On March 01, 2020, my parents and Nazar arrived to Israel.

Here, after the examination, on March 3, 2020, an urgent operation was performed.

During the operation, the left kidney was removed, but metastases were found on the spleen and pancreas. Analysis of the removed tumor showed that it is much more aggressive and malignant than doctors thought. Nazar's final diagnosis is Burkitt's lymphoma. Chemotherapy was urgently prescribed. 5 blocks, 4 of which are already done.

On may 18, Nazar will be hospitalized for the last 5 block of chemotherapy, after which the further treatment Protocol will be determined.

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