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Саша Хорошевский

Diagnosis: Sarcoma

Home: Zaporozhye region, Ukraine

Age: 12 years

Sasha grew up a healthy child, played football and was very active. But, as often happens with this type of tumor, it all started with pain, checks revealed a new growth, and a terrible diagnosis was made - sarcoma.

Doctors in Ukraine gave an unfavorable prognosis, and parents had to seek treatment abroad. The Ichilov clinic agreed to the treatment.

Behind: surgery, 6 courses of chemotherapy, ahead of a healthy childhood and the most real boyish dreams: football, games with friends. All this is very close.

During treatment Sasha has captured the hearts of almost everyone of the volunteers and medical staff, male confidence and power I felt in that little guy.

Sasha returned home in remission and is coming to Israel for tests. Well, we continue to monitor the fate of our hero and believe in complete victory.

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