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Alina Shashurina

The story of this cheerful girl changed in the summer of 2018. It all started with a lump behind the ear, which was treated for a long time as lymphadenitis, one of the lymph nodes was removed, but it did not help. After that, the treating doctors prescribed extended tests and diagnosed undifferentiated sarcoma (the doctors were not able to accurately classify the tumor).

The parents made an emergency decision to fly to Israel for treatment, and the Ichilov clinic gave its consent. Within a few days of comprehensive examinations, an accurate diagnosis was made: osteosarcoma of the Ilium.

At the moment, alinka has passed the prescribed Protocol: chemotherapy courses, complex orthopedic surgery, during which the damaged area was replaced with a prosthesis and radiation therapy.

Now Alina is at home, in remission. She has already returned to school (at home) and enjoys studying, Hobbies, socializing with friends and is very active on her instagram page.

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