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Katya Romanenko

Diagnosis: Ewing's sarcoma of the left shoulder

Home: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia

Age: 15 years

At the end of October 2017, Katia developed a painful swelling in the area of her forearm, which after a while went away on its own. Doctors mistakenly linked the appearance of swelling with the side effects of the papilloma virus vaccination.

But in January 2018, the symptoms repeated in a stronger form. After passing a medical examination (ultrasound, x-ray and computed tomography), Sakhalin doctors made a preliminary and shocking diagnosis - a malignant formation in the left shoulder.

There are no clinics on Sakhalin that help children with cancer. The Sakhalin Ministry of health sent a request for treatment to Moscow, and the response from the Moscow clinic must wait more than a month. However, in the fight against cancer, every day matters, so it was unacceptable to lose so much time.

The family started looking for an urgent start of treatment - Japan refused to take Katya, a visa was needed in Germany, and the invitation from the Ichilov hospital came the fastest.

After collecting all the available savings, help from relatives and colleagues, it was decided to go to Israel.

Since March 06, 2018, Katya has been receiving treatment at the Ikhilov hospital. The treatment Protocol consisted of 6 chemo sessions, joint replacement surgery and bone reconstruction, and then 8 more chemistry blocks (14 in total).

Now our heroine is at home with her family, in remission. She returned to her studies, her friends, and normal life in her hometown.

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