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Miroslav Shcherbak

Diagnosis: Tumor of cystic solid structure

Home: Kharkiv, Ukraine

Age: 3 years

Miroslav Shcherbak is just a baby, he grew up a bright, kind and cheerful child. 

But then trouble knocked on the family and on March 16, 2019, after an MRI of the brain, the cause of the disturbing symptoms of parents became clear.

Miroslav was diagnosed with a cystic-solid tumor with dimensions of 26, 0x24, 9x25, 4 mm in the posterior cranial fossa on the left.

The location of the tumor and Miroslav's age leave parents no choice but to seek medical help from foreign specialists, since there is no alternative treatment at home.

They were ready to receive a family and perform a neurosurgical operation using the latest neuron-navigation equipment at the Shiba hospital, tel Aviv, Israel.

Now the child is at home, in long-awaited remission.

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