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Anna Gartavel

Diagnosis: Ewing's sarcoma (relapse)

Home: Ploske village, Ukraine

Age: 14 years

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The fundraising is held for the purchase of medicine for Anna.

In April 2017, Anтa started having nighttime pain in her leg. After contacting the doctors of the Mukachevo regional hospital (Ukraine), she was diagnosed with osteoid osteoma (a benign tumor) and had an operation to remove it. Rehabilitation was difficult, as the pain in the leg did not go away, and the swelling of the limb was added to it.

On July 3, 2017, at the next control examination, according to the results of the received tests, doctors diagnosed the girl with Ewing's sarcoma (a malignant tumor). Only amputation of the leg was offered as a treatment.

An attempt to contact the cancer Institute in Kiev for additional diagnostics and search for alternative treatment also did not yield positive results: the hospital could not be reached due to the quarantine introduced in the Department. In the Mukachevo regional hospital, the patient was refused.

The parents decided to search for clinics abroad to try to save the leg and find the best treatment. Extracts from Anna's medical history were sent to various world clinics specializing in the treatment of sarcoma. A positive response was received only from the Suraski Medical center in Tel Aviv (Ichilov), whose specialists were ready to treat Anтф with an attempt to save her leg.

During repeated diagnostics at the Suraski medical center, doctors diagnosed Ana with osteosarcoma with metastases to the lungs and on October 25, 2017, they performed an operation to remove the tumor with subsequent endoprosthesis. Next, the child was prescribed chemotherapy for reduction of metastases in the lungs. Anna completed all 6 courses with more than 20 blocks of chemotherapy.

The treatment was over in April, and Anya and her parents went home.

After the main treatment, doctors ordered regular follow-up checks, the first check was in August showed no metastases in the lungs. However, in November, at the second test, active metastases were again found in the lungs.

The new course of chemotherapy did not give a positive result, and the specialists of the medical center offered to perform an operation to remove metastases from the lungs in two stages.

The first operation was proceeded on 18.07.2019  (the taken biomaterials were sent for genetic examination to USA), and the second - on 15.08.2019.

In November, Anna had a control check of PET CT  where metastases were again found in the lungs.

Taking into account the peculiarities of the course of the disease, the specialists were able to choose an individual course of necessary chemotherapy for Anna, which is able to reduce metastases or completely destroy them.

The basis for treatment abroad: it is the invaluable experience of the specialists of the Suraski Medical center that allowed Anna to avoid amputation of the leg. Unfortunately, newly formed metastases in the lungs of Anna can only be treated with a course of aggressive chemotherapy with constant monitoring in the dynamics and correction during treatment, which can not be provided in a timely manner by doctors in Ukraine. The only real opportunity to save Anna and give her a chance for a happy adult life is to conduct treatment in an Israeli medical center, where specialists have already been able to choose a treatment plan that already takes into account the specifics of her diagnosis and reaction to the therapy.

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