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Alina Israilova

Diagnosis: Neuroblastoma

Home: Moscow, Russia

Age: 4 years

Last year, Alina's temperature did not drop in any way. Everyone thought she had the flu. And they treated her for the flu. Alina's condition did not improve. The parents decided to do a kidney ultrasound, where the doctor saw a tumor in the girl's left adrenal gland. Alina was immediately hospitalized to the Morozov children's city clinic.

On 01.08.2019 in Moscow, Alina had an operation to remove neuroblastoma along with her adrenal gland. But three months later, at the next examination, the doctors said about the alleged presence of metastases in different locations. Treatment in Israel was recommended by attending doctors in Moscow. The family urgently arrived in Tel Aviv.

The Ichilov clinic (Suraski) confirmed the diagnosis of  neuroblastoma and prescribed a protocol:

Stage 1 - 8 courses of chemotherapy, 2.5 months. The price is $ 81,569. 77.

Stage 2 - collection of peripheral blood stem cells and autologous stem cell transplantation. The price is $ 93,918. 90.

Stage 3-Radiation therapy. The price is $ 51,370. 90.

Stage 4-Immunotherapy (price is not specified yet).

The basis for treatment abroad: the recommendation of oncologists in Russia, the experience of highly qualified specialists in Israel, which allows to give a positive prognosis for the child.

At the moment, the baby has undergone 8 courses of chemotherapy. Now she is preparing for a transplan.

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