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Anton Savich

Diagnosis: Embryonic rhabdomyosarcoma of the right temporal bone

Home: Russia, Moscow

Age: 3 years

Anton was born a healthy child, grew up and developed without features, however, in November 2019, his parents noticed an asymmetry of the face on the right. A neurologist at the place of residence diagnosed: neurology of the facial nerve on the right, prescribed treatment. ENT during the examination saw a perforation of the eardrum of the right ear. Almost immediately, Anton was hospitalized for examination in the Morozov city hospital, in the ENT Department. A CT scan showed a tumor.

10.11.19 g. Anton tried to perform surgery to remove the tumor and restore the temporal bone, which was destroyed. But when trying to take a biopsy, the tumor located on the wall of the jugular vein began to bleed heavily. The removal was incompatible with life. Doctors restored the temporal bone and took a very small part of the tumor for a biopsy. according to the results of histology, the diagnosis was made: embryonic rhabdomyosarcoma - a malignant tumor of the middle ear.

Doctors gave disappointing forecasts for the result of treatment in Russia. On their own, the family managed to collect $ 50,000 and go to Israel for examination. According to the results of examinations, Israeli doctors gave a good chance of a positive result of treatment.

On 12.12.19, Anton started receiving treatment at the Shiba clinic, Israel, tel Aviv. The first stage is 25 weeks of chemotherapy. Starting from the 13th week, without stopping chemotherapy, Anton will have to do radiation therapy for five weeks.

The reason for treatment abroad: the lack of equipment and medicines in the country that allow you to give a positive prognosis for the child.

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