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Dasha Malyshko

Diagnosis: Ewing sarcoma

Home: Moscow, Russia

Age: 21 years

Dasha is a young, beautiful, and very cheerful girl, she knows what cancer is firsthand.
In March 2013, at the age of 14, Dasha was treated at the Ichilov clinic, where she was admitted after 2 years of unsuccessful treatment with stage 4 cancer. The girl was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma. This is the type of cancer that most often affects teenagers. Dasha arrived from St. Petersburg in an extremely serious condition, but the Israeli doctors did not give up the girl and began fighting for Dasha's life and health.

Successful treatment lasted 11 months: 6 blocks of chemotherapy, surgery to remove the shoulder blade and tumor remnants, 2 chemotherapy, bone marrow transplantation, 25 sessions of radiation (radiotherapy).
Dasha defeated cancer, returned to her native St. Petersburg and joined the normal life of a teenager. The girl regularly came to Israel for checks, but in July 2018 Dasha had to come for the final check. After that, the diagnosis of "Oncology" would be removed.
But in March 2018, Dasha became very concerned about neck pain. An MRI scan showed that the cancer had returned. Dasha and her mother immediately flew to Israel, where a team of doctors from the Ichilov clinic was waiting for her. So, since April 23, Dasha continued her fight with cancer, in which she won again.

At the moment, Dasha is in remission and has returned home, where she continues her studies.
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