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Adelina Grischenko

Diagnosis: Tumor-glioma of the visual pathways

Home: Ukraine, Kharkov

Age: 4

The baby has a tumor-glioma of the visual pathways. Adeline was born completely healthy. When the parents found a hematoma on the head of their daughter, they immediately turned to local specialists. MRI examination of the head showed that the child has a tumor in the head of 2.5 cm. several more examinations Were conducted, a meningioma (benign tumor) was diagnosed, and it is necessary to observe it.

But after two months, Adeline's eyes began to tremble (nystagmus), and her appetite disappeared. The MRI revealed that the tumor had doubled in size and was already 5 cm. the Eyes were constantly running horizontally and vertically. The girl could not concentrate her eyes, because the tumor was squeezing the eye nerves and the centers of the hypothalamus, which is responsible for appetite. After an online consultation with pediatric neurosurgeon Shlomi Constantini, who identified the type of tumor from MRI images, treatment was immediately started at the Ichilov clinic, Israel.

Despite the fact that Adeline is so tiny, she understands and accepts everything that happens to her, because she wants to live a full healthy life. She endured all the procedures for taking blood and connecting droppers to the port with steadfastness and humility.

At the moment, Adeline has undergone surgery to excise the tumor and is at home with her family, in remission. the girl pleases the whole family with her activity and interest in the world around her. In Israel, the baby regularly comes to check!

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