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Chance for life is always happy for those who are ready to join! And it does not matter how much time you can devote to good deeds, whether you have any knowledge or skills. Everyone can become a volunteer regardless of their social status, gender, age, financial and family status.

The main and only important thing is the desire to help.

Our volunteers try to give their wards little miracles: bring your favorite toys, find the right books, get a bike when you can already go for an active walk or organize a computer tournament if you need to brighten up your hospital days. Together we help with lessons, decorate wards, and just visit our heroes.

We become friends.

Every day we make a choice.

Every day we choose to do good!

We are waiting for you.


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I would like to volunteer in a group:

Leisure volunteers (people who come to the childs hospital to read / play / entertain


Transportation of the necessary (assistance in the distribution of medicines, necessary things, rations) in center of the country

Confectioners (if you are ready to help in making cakes for birthdays and events)

"Cooks" (people who are ready to help prepare home-cooked meals for children in the hospital)


Translators (people who are ready to help with translations from Hebrew and to Hebrew both in person, accompanying the family, and in absentia)

Administrators (assistance in the simple administrative work of the foundation, for example: calling families)

Psychologists (people who are ready to help parents of our children with psychological help)

Teachers (of math or English)

Graphic Designers (to assist in simple design work for the foundations products)

Photographers / videographers (assistance in shooting events, photos of the children for the site or personal page, etc.)

Beauticians / Hairdressers

Lawyers (for assistance with legal issues)

Other (if you are willing to help in an area not described above)

Arts group

Have you had any volunteering experience in the past?



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