Donations to the Fund

Children with cancer have a stolen childhood. They fight for life every single day. Unfortunately, there is no golden middle in this fight: either victory or defeat. This cruel battle doesn’t give a second chance for life; there’s no place for a mistake and inaction can lead to tragedy.

If we don’t support them, don’t lend a helping hand – this battle may be lost.

You can make your own contribution towards a child’s treatment. The donation can be regular or one-time.

Regular donations mean transferring a certain sum of money into the transaction account of the charity fund by means of credit cards, bank transfers or Pay Pal web-portal on a periodic basis.

Contribution can be personal, addressed to a particular child, or for the common needs of the Fund.

Donating to the Fund for its common needs helps the Fund to fulfill its tasks (to buy goods, hygiene products, baby food, medicines and expendable materials); to provide “first aid” to the children in need, when there’s no time for collecting resources; to organize festivities, birthday parties, master classes for children; to buy birthday presents and presents for New Years and other holidays.