Become a Volunteer

We need you!

The “Chance for Life” Fund is run completely by volunteers!

Our volunteers try to make real miracles for their little supervisees: to bring them their favorite toys and books (there are book shelves with Russian language literature in each hospital), to find a bicycle when outdoor activities are allowed, or to organize a computer game to make days in the hospital brighter.

We will decorate a hospital room, study mathematics together or will organize the most joyful New Years party in the child department of the Sheba hospital, with the real Father Frost and New Year post with wish letters.

Volunteers are people who are ready to share their time, their love, resources and professional skills with those who really need their help.

Each of you can become a volunteer, regardless of your social status, age, gender, financial or family status — join us, we will be happy to welcome you!

We never have too many volunteers!



What type of help do we need?

  • People, who are ready to visit our supervisees in hospitals and at home during the rehabilitation period;
  • Animators, tour guides, cheerful and creative people, who are ready to take part in our parties, trips and walks organized for children;
  • Drivers;
  • Assistance in translating documents, understanding insurance, and searching for accommodation;
  • Web-site technical support, content design, PR and advertising;
  • Psychologists and teachers;

Financial support is always needed in order to help pay for the expensive treatments.

This wish list is much longer. If you have any ideas how you can help us, please, contact us by e-mail 

Our volunteers

Inna Bakhareva
Founder of the Fund

Sometimes we know much more than our supervisees’ relatives, and we are joining them in their hard path that they have to undergo here. The treatment that is too expensive; child’s sufferings and pain; loneliness; language barrier… We are trying to help them overcome all those hardships.

Ella Rascopine
Fund volunteer

Why did I become a volunteer?
I don’t know exactly. I couldn’t save my mom but I feel that I can help the others. I don’t know whether I can explain it. I was looking for my place in life for a long time. I was building a career. I’m happy with my family – my husband and beloved children. And now that I have really found myself, I want to help people, “save” them and bring them joy.

Meital Davydov
Fund volunteer

I love it – to help, to bring joy and smiles to people!

Vlad Sirotkin
Fund volunteer

I’d like to see all children and their parents happy. We try to make them smile; and this warms the cockles of my heart. People kind and fair are everywhere.

Yulia Goland
Fund volunteer

“To be a volunteer is an inner desire, and if I can help, at least with something small, I think I should do it”.

Yulia Kim
Fund volunteer
Timur Mamedov
Fund volunteer
Polina Elizarova
Fund volunteer
Zhenya Kulagina
Fund volunteer